you're calling yourself what now?

welcome to Sublimer.

Okay, so 10 years ago having xenologo as business name seemed like a good idea, although as the years went on it became more and more problematic.

After the 284th time you hear it mispronounced, butchered and garbled like a mouthful of golf balls you really start you question your life choices. Maybe this wasn't such a great idea. Hard to remember, to pronounce, to say over the phone... to yell at your dog.

So it's time to relaunch under a new name.

Sublimer: (transitive) to render sublime, to make extraordinary.

But really I just like it because it has 'lime' in there, and lime is great.

For the past decade we've made

everything better

Based in Orange, Central West NSW, but servicing anywhere with an internet connection, the core of our work is the trifecta of modern design:

  • Websites - From one-pagers to huge CMS driven monsters.
  • Logos - Professional ones that aren't made by a guy who knows a guy.
  • Print Design - Making the ordinary extraordinary.

Simply put, if it can look better, then we do it.


our process

We like to follow a simple process, we're not trying to do anyone's head in. First pants, then shoes.



Sometimes the ideas are there but they're covered in fear or sanity. We can help. You can even take the credit later on.



The hard yards, the nitty gritty, the meat and potatoes, the beer and skittles, chalk and cheese, whatever works.



The polish and the fine tuning turning rough diamonds into something worth an arm and a leg or just a kidney.



The payoff stage. Letting the spirited youngling out into the wild. Requires constant feeding and makes a lot of noise.